Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Oil Paintings by Chris Reilly

"Bathing Study"

"French Flower Market"

"Cafe De Caveau"

"The Waltz"

I have just noticed, for some unknown reason, in my previous posts - that any webstite I mentioned has now been deleted.. go figure! must a little hitch going on somewhere - joys of blogging. I'm getting there...Here are some gorgeous images from one of our favourite artists (well they are all my favourites), I'll probably throw that term around all the time - Chris Reilly who paints beautiful oils in her impressionist style, mostly on canvas, some are under glass. Her favourite subject matters are based around European scenes and/or people and the nostalgic era of the roaring 20's or 40's. I hope to get better at posting etc...such a learning curve. I have added Shannon Garson to my blog list. Shannon is one of artists specialising in porcelain which is just devine, I will post some of her images shortly.

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