Friday, March 20, 2009

Karen Atkins and Richard Bogusz

Karen Atkins collects little boxes from the markets, they might be old chocolate boxes or old cigar and wine boxes, she paints on the flat surface of the lids with her little paintings. She paints wedding scenes, babies, horses, rabbits etc in her naive "story telling" way. No two are the same which makes them totally unique and affordable. We adore them and we always have a little collection at the gallery. It will be an early start tomorrow as we have the beautiful farmers markets on the foreshore at Manly.
The famous Jan Powers Farmers Markets are at Manly on the 3rd Saturday of each month, visit for more info. Jan enjoys collecting art and is a real foodie, so we were thrilled when she chose our area for her market. Our little seaside village will see a gathering of the best and freshest fruits, vegetables, meats, flowers, bakery items and preserves of every kind - all fresh from the farm and sold by the "farmer". Love it!


Dennyjune said...

Looking good.. VERY attractive blog xxxxx

Millie said...

I love this work Janet! Good to hear the incredible Ms. Powers is still driving things along in Brissie with her own energetic style!
Millie ^_^