Saturday, March 14, 2009

Preparing for an Exhibition at the Gallery

Preparations are currently underway with an Exhibition at the gallery (in April) featuring Pam Walpole and Bruce Buchanan. We have been designing the invitation cards, organising the printing and generally preparing the gallery for this show. In the meantime the artists have been taking images of their work so we are able to place them onto our website and we've been designing the email invite to our customers. Organising press releases and a photographer from the local newspaper and advertisements to go in the paper etc - lots of organising! not to mention the hundreds of stamps that have to be placed onto envelopes and the customers' address labels, but you know, its well worth it. The exhibition opening will be on Friday 3rd April from 5pm. I've attached three images of the beautiful work the artists currently have at the gallery. Pam and Bruce have many paintings on show at the Greenslopes Private Hospital, where it is a virtual art gallery, displaying beautiful artworks, sculpure and glassware - its like a 5star hotel rather than a private hospital - luckily I've never stayed there, and if I ever have to, at least I could enjoy the lovely artwork.


debi k said...

All beautiful works.I found you through Lily g blog . I just love Manly and your Gallery is wonderful, My sons purchased a ?Karen Atkins The batman in the little boat ,for my parents they adore it ... thankyou so much be back soon debik

Janet K said...

Thanks Debi K, I am very new at this as you can see, so not sure how I want this to look yet! I will have it attached to my website soon so it will be easy to access. Yes, I love Lily-G and Judy is amazing, she has done some beatiful work in my home at Manly and is a natural when it comes to decorating in a sophisticated, but relaxed style. thanks so much..J