Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bruce Buchanan Wins Award

New arrivals from Bruce Buchanan
Into the Lake and the one below is Hilltop

Our exhibition finished last Sunday and it was such a wonderful show - one of our best todate.
Bruce & Pam were both very successful and enjoyed the experience very much. Bruce entered the Ipswich Art Awards which were judged last weekend. Bruce's painting titled "Edge of the Lake" won the Land/Urban/Seascape Prize, this was for any medium, so its wonderful to see the judge favoured a watercolour over other mediums. The judge was Rebekah Butler, Executive Director, Museum and Gallery Services Queensland. Well done Bruce! although I'm not surprised as the work is just beautiful.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Art in the Garden

Pretty as a picture - the lavender lining the pathway with the softest of pink roses overhead forming an arch. Imagine going down to your letterbox everyday to collect the mail - you would have a skip in your step and a smile on your face for the rest of the day! perhaps I would take my scissors with me and snip off a few pretty blooms to put in a vase to enjoy.

Love, love, love these beautiful garden photos from Veranda Mag (USA) of a home in Greenwich in England, the beautiful hydrangeas which we all love - all very "Sense and Sensibility".

Monday, April 13, 2009

Black & White Drawings

Life Drawings by Veronica Robilliard are very simple and elegant. Veronica draws her models from life - she captures the moment, which allows the view to "see and feel" the energy and vitality in her drawings. I can just see Veronica working feverishly trying to capture the essence of the composition. She uses quite a few mediums, sometimes pastel, sometimes acrylic, charcoal and ink. The gallery stocks quite a number of unframed nudes, allowing your own taste in framing. You can go as large as you wish when framing - the images below show, how once framed, how beautiful they become - especially if you are looking for an elegant "drawing". These drawings are only done once, so there will never be two the same. They would be beautiful in a black and white bedroom, or a series going up a stairwell, or just imagine having one of these in your entrance - they dont have to be confined to the bedroom at all! The images below show a black and white bedroom in Manly with one of Veronica's drawings framed in a large silver frame with a double matt, also another bedroom (also black and white) in Melbourne, which the customer just had to send an image to show me how beautiful it looked in her room after she had hers framed, I totally agree! its beautiful.

Life Drawing 19
Life Drawing 18
Life Drawing 16
Life Drawing 15
Life Drawing 13

Monday, April 6, 2009

Exhibition Opening Night

Here are a couple of images from our opening night of our current exhibition "From the Outback to the Sea" featuring Pam Walpole and Bruce Buchanan. The show runs until Sunday 19th April. It is quite a unique show, and if you would like to see further images of the work on display, our website is
Pam, J & Bruce
Pam amongst guests at the opening

It was Friday morning and as soon as the gallery opened, it was go, go, go! lots of tidying up to do and last minute "tweeking". Everything must be just right - even down to what CD's we are going to play in the background. A beautiful arrangment of heliconias especially ordered have arrived, and now its time to arrange the table, unpacking champagne glasses and chilling the champagne. The afternoon ticks along and before we know it, the artists have arrived in time to meet and greet customers who start arriving around 5pm. There is a real "buzz" in the air and as I look around - it seems everyone is enjoying the evening. Customers enjoy chatting to the artists and generally having a relaxed and wonderful time. Plenty of "red dots" are placed on the paintings, and the artists can relax as well, comforted in the knowledge the exhibition is off to a great start...(I'm secretly grateful the theme was "outback" influenced and I didnt have those high heels on all day and night). Its been a long day and a long night - but lots of smiling faces making it all worthwhile. Now I look forward to the next three weeks having this wonderful exhibition on show in the gallery - it has been one of best shows so far and we're very excited to have such beautiful artists in our midst - the paintings are just exquisite.
Leigh, Laurindo, Bruce and Denise
smiles all round for a wonderful opening night

Pam Walpole (on the left) with the very happy purchasers of

"Menindee Mist" - congrats..

Guests even travelled from Lota just to be at the

opening (seen here admiring this beautiful piece by Pam Walpole)

A celebrationery champagne to toast a new acquisition

Beachy glamour at Manly on opening night

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Preparations for Gallery Exhibition

It was a wild and windy day when the artists delivered the work to the gallery - all hands were on deck to get all the paintings safely inside the gallery - cars backing right up to the entrance and dashes to and fro to avoid the heavy rain. Having a blackout at the same time (due to the wild and woolly weather outside -in sunny Queensland?) certainly didnt help - I could feel it was going to be on of those days! we set to work - out came the charts and thank goodness Pam and Bruce were totally organised - the charts showing "exactly" where each and every painting was to be placed and within a few short hours, the paintings were placed into position and hung - we stood back to admire the finished result! it looked amazing. The narratives were placed on each painting - flowers were placed on the tables, a poster board was hung showing snapshots of the outback which led up to the exhibition which we hope our customers will enjoying reading as much as we did. Peter, the photographer from the Wynnum Herald (local paper) arrives to take photos of Pam and Bruce, which we hope will be included in the upcoming edition. Coffee time, then a few finishing touches. Opening night Friday 3rd April.
Here is Denise adding the final touches
Looking beautiful -we start to hang Bruce's paintings

Bruce Buchanan watercolours on the slate wall - almost finished hanging..

Pam Walpole's exquisite canvases

First wall hung & three to go! works on paper by Pam Walpole