Monday, April 13, 2009

Black & White Drawings

Life Drawings by Veronica Robilliard are very simple and elegant. Veronica draws her models from life - she captures the moment, which allows the view to "see and feel" the energy and vitality in her drawings. I can just see Veronica working feverishly trying to capture the essence of the composition. She uses quite a few mediums, sometimes pastel, sometimes acrylic, charcoal and ink. The gallery stocks quite a number of unframed nudes, allowing your own taste in framing. You can go as large as you wish when framing - the images below show, how once framed, how beautiful they become - especially if you are looking for an elegant "drawing". These drawings are only done once, so there will never be two the same. They would be beautiful in a black and white bedroom, or a series going up a stairwell, or just imagine having one of these in your entrance - they dont have to be confined to the bedroom at all! The images below show a black and white bedroom in Manly with one of Veronica's drawings framed in a large silver frame with a double matt, also another bedroom (also black and white) in Melbourne, which the customer just had to send an image to show me how beautiful it looked in her room after she had hers framed, I totally agree! its beautiful.

Life Drawing 19
Life Drawing 18
Life Drawing 16
Life Drawing 15
Life Drawing 13

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Toni said...

Hi Janet,

At last I've figured out what I was doing wrong with my logon :-) derrr...

Lovin' the blog and images of the gallery! Great to see your Life Study in situ - mine looks fabulous also!!

Best wishes, Toni