Sunday, April 5, 2009

Preparations for Gallery Exhibition

It was a wild and windy day when the artists delivered the work to the gallery - all hands were on deck to get all the paintings safely inside the gallery - cars backing right up to the entrance and dashes to and fro to avoid the heavy rain. Having a blackout at the same time (due to the wild and woolly weather outside -in sunny Queensland?) certainly didnt help - I could feel it was going to be on of those days! we set to work - out came the charts and thank goodness Pam and Bruce were totally organised - the charts showing "exactly" where each and every painting was to be placed and within a few short hours, the paintings were placed into position and hung - we stood back to admire the finished result! it looked amazing. The narratives were placed on each painting - flowers were placed on the tables, a poster board was hung showing snapshots of the outback which led up to the exhibition which we hope our customers will enjoying reading as much as we did. Peter, the photographer from the Wynnum Herald (local paper) arrives to take photos of Pam and Bruce, which we hope will be included in the upcoming edition. Coffee time, then a few finishing touches. Opening night Friday 3rd April.
Here is Denise adding the final touches
Looking beautiful -we start to hang Bruce's paintings

Bruce Buchanan watercolours on the slate wall - almost finished hanging..

Pam Walpole's exquisite canvases

First wall hung & three to go! works on paper by Pam Walpole

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denyjune said...

Stunning exhibition, beautifully presented. A nice touch was the collage of "artists working in the field". Success is inevitable even in hard times.