Monday, May 11, 2009

Further Paintings by Richard Bogusz

I can just see this collection of paintings (square shaped) in a large entry above a sofa table, what a welcoming sight to see each time you enter your home. You could hang the three paintings side-by-side down a hallway - making it your very own art gallery walk, a nice talking point as you welcome guests into your home.
"Neverending" 90x90cms
"Nature Studies"90x90cms

"The Ridge" 90x90cms
Love the larger works by Richard, which are three beautiful acrylics measuring 90x90cms each. Each one tells such a different story, and I love to watch customers in the gallery stop, look and respond to R's work. I meant to post these images earlier, but this blogging thing takes time! I promise to get better - I just need a big prod every now and then!

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