Sunday, May 31, 2009

Come & See our Etchings

Artist Statement: I believe nature is the one true beauty and constant source of wonder and inspiration. My work focuses on my own personal mythology and immediate surroundings, the plants and animals of my days and nights. I am fascinated by my dreams.
"Paris Winter"

"Miss Chin"

"Bicycle Race"


"Faenza Winter"

""Vase of Flowers"

"Etchings" - a wonderful form of art and always very popular at The Manly Gallery. We have a number of customers that love to collect different etchings from time to time. Now posting a collection of etchings by well known artist FRANCES LUKE. Frances has been producing etchings forever! she is passionate and devoted to this form of art. Frances holds a Master of Arts, Visual Arts by research QUT majoring in sculpture and printmaking."

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denyjune said...

This lady is a genius. I love the cleanliness of her prints and the intricacy. Now I really must get myself into the studio instead of procrastinating.