Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sculptor & Artist Denise Murray

"Six O'clock"

In the Studio

on the job - an installation in the city

welding a sculpture - in the studio


"Sitting" (cold cast bronze)

"Its all About the Shoes"

"Venessa" (left) & "Dinnertime"


Introducing my wonderful artist - Denise Murray, a local artist & one of the most passionate artists I know! Denise has taught me so much about the artworld in general and I would be lost without her - she is my mentor many times over, if I have to ask any "tricky" questions about art - she always has the answer. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you might get the chance to meet Denise - as she also works in the gallery for me from time to time. I would like to show you some beautiful work she has produced. Particularly, the cold cast bronzes, which are a perenial favourite, the new addition is "Molly" and she is adorable! my little niece will be soon be receiving "Molly" for her 21st birthday, it will be her first piece of art and what an introduction. The bronze scultpures are amazing, and recently we sold a very significant piece in the gallery allowing Denise to purchase tons of bronze for upcoming productions (relatively speaking). I have never heard anyone so excited about buying "bronze"! luckily she is not into diamonds or Loius Vuitton bags or poor Laurindo (partner and fellow sculpture) would be worse for wear. Enjoy the images - they are just superb.

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