Monday, June 29, 2009

Beautiful Sunrise by Chris Hooper

If you have been following my BLOG you would have already noticed previous paintings by Chris Hooper. We have just taken delivery of a new piece called "Shea-Oak Sunrise" which measures 55cms high x 150cms long. The medium is oil on stretch canvas. Only have the one this time, so hopefully we will take delivery of others very shortly. It look amazing on the gallery wall and almost stopped the traffic when we put it out on the easel on Sunday afternoon!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sketches by Karen Atkins

Karen has just sent us a selection of pen and wash sketches, which are just beautiful. Here are the latest images - sorry about the quality, as each sketch is presented with cellophane and quite hard to get a good shot of the work, but you can get a fairly good idea. Delightful!

Falling for You and Captain Batboy (below)
both are acrylic on stretch canvas

The little sketches by Karen are just delightful - they are unframed, which makes it suitable to choose your own frame. I sometimes place them with oversized matts then a simple frame, grouped together they make a beautiful statement.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jan Powers Farmers Markets

Come to Manly this Saturday and see our wonderful produce Markets on the foreshore with the boat bopping away in the background - bring a big basket - you'll need it!

If you are visiting Manly this Saturday the 20th June, do yourself a favour and stop by the markets on the foreshore of Manly - the famous "Jan Powers Farmers Markets" grace us with their presence on the 3rd Saturday of each month and its just divine. They start at 6am through to 12pm. You can gather all your yummy purchases & have people over for dinner that night knowing everything is fresh and straight from the farm! Watercress from Tamborine, Strawberries from the Redlands, mushies from the north coast and on and on it goes....

(images from Jan Powers Farmers Markets website)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Zebra Painting

We have just taken delivery of new work from Jan - I love the way Jan captures the personalities and expressions on her animals - another fine example (below) - "Against the Tide" is framed in black/silver frame with double white matts.
"Against the Tide" 89x108cms
Pear Trio 865x62 (framed)

I asked my artist "why are you answering the phone, when you should be painting Zebras"! so out with the whip and back into the studio she goes - only joking! I cannot believe how popular these beautiful pastel paintings are from Jan - they are exquisite and here are two new paintings which have just been delivered.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

French Paintings by Chris Reilly

We just love when Christine Reilly pops into the gallery with fresh new work, the ever popular oils do not last long at all. Christine also makes beautiful cards, with the images on the front, and blank inside - nice to get handmade, local Queensland items as just about everything these days is made in China or o/seas.
"The Dancers"

"Garden Party"

"The Metro"

"Le Saint Jean"

"Having a Flutter"

How could you miss the colour?

How could you miss the strong, pure red in Chris Reilly’s beautiful oil paintings?
There are certainly other rich colours with some strong tonal contrasts in these paintings, however, it is the richness of the red that grabs the attention.

This is the principle of focus and it is applied so beautifully in all of this selection.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Still Life in Oils by Bronwyn Searle

Bronwyn Searle - her sensitive works are poetic and nuanced, evidencing a clear understanding of composition and the expressive use of light and shadow which embodies the work in a competent & painterly technique.
"Blue Bottles with Spice" (oil on canvas)

Cherries and Strawberries (below) - always popular

"Eggshells" unusual? yes - but ever so effective - love it!

How does this look here?
Look at these pears! they are gorgeous

Installed in the reception of an Architect's office in Singapore

Bronwyn used to paint and illustrate for the Museum in Brisbane. Her oils are lush and vibrant, always a favourite at the gallery.