Tuesday, June 16, 2009

French Paintings by Chris Reilly

We just love when Christine Reilly pops into the gallery with fresh new work, the ever popular oils do not last long at all. Christine also makes beautiful cards, with the images on the front, and blank inside - nice to get handmade, local Queensland items as just about everything these days is made in China or o/seas.
"The Dancers"

"Garden Party"

"The Metro"

"Le Saint Jean"

"Having a Flutter"

How could you miss the colour?

How could you miss the strong, pure red in Chris Reilly’s beautiful oil paintings?
There are certainly other rich colours with some strong tonal contrasts in these paintings, however, it is the richness of the red that grabs the attention.

This is the principle of focus and it is applied so beautifully in all of this selection.

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Millie said...

I adore the last painting - all these gals lined up 'Having a Flutter'! Chris is one very talented artist.
Millie ^_^