Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Zebra Painting

We have just taken delivery of new work from Jan - I love the way Jan captures the personalities and expressions on her animals - another fine example (below) - "Against the Tide" is framed in black/silver frame with double white matts.
"Against the Tide" 89x108cms
Pear Trio 865x62 (framed)

I asked my artist "why are you answering the phone, when you should be painting Zebras"! so out with the whip and back into the studio she goes - only joking! I cannot believe how popular these beautiful pastel paintings are from Jan - they are exquisite and here are two new paintings which have just been delivered.

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Dennyjune said...

The pairs are amazing.. beautiful composition.
Of course the draftmanship is a given with Jan, but these are out of the box.