Friday, June 5, 2009

Still Life in Oils by Bronwyn Searle

Bronwyn Searle - her sensitive works are poetic and nuanced, evidencing a clear understanding of composition and the expressive use of light and shadow which embodies the work in a competent & painterly technique.
"Blue Bottles with Spice" (oil on canvas)

Cherries and Strawberries (below) - always popular

"Eggshells" unusual? yes - but ever so effective - love it!

How does this look here?
Look at these pears! they are gorgeous

Installed in the reception of an Architect's office in Singapore

Bronwyn used to paint and illustrate for the Museum in Brisbane. Her oils are lush and vibrant, always a favourite at the gallery.

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denyjune said...

Bronywn's work is rich,luscious and sing with colour. I love the blue bottles and nice image Janet! xxx