Friday, July 31, 2009

Parisian Girls by Chris Reilly

Flowing dresses, elegant women and pure style, Chris Reilly has captured the Parisian woman - tres chic!
"Givenchy" 49x44cms
"Girls Shopping "49x44cms
"Checked Tablecloths" 49x44cms

As I sit at the gallery this afternoon dreaming of being in Paris - I will just have to be content with posting a selection of simply gorgeous oil paintings by Chris Reilly. The set of three paintings would look beautiful together, perhaps running down a hallway or above a bed - but I would want to show this collection off to everyone, so even above a sofa table in an entry would be just the place - they have beautiful silver toned frames and soft white matts, oils on canvas with no glass - priced at $620-00 each.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Leaves, Nests, Magnolias in Porcelain

Exquisite "Magnolia" series


Limited edition only -
exquisite Nest Bowls

Spotty & Fungi expresso Pots
love them to pieces!

mix & match Fungi Pots

Fungi pots & Vases

gorgeous little Fungi pots (close up)

Leaves & Nests....
from the rainforest floor
You have just got to love this beautiful porcelain by Shannon Garson. I have just come back from a little road trip up the North Coast hinterland where I stopped by to see a couple of my artists and check out their studios! its always a treat for me to see where the "coal face" is...

Its hard to believe this beautiful work starts out as lumps of porcelain clay, and with a deft hand Shannon creates unique hand made vessells, which are are the result of many hours of work. Shannon's pots are finely thrown and translucent and decorated with lively drawings and subtle, textured surfaces which provide a canvas for the misty greens, sunset oranges and delicate hues of the drawings.

We have a beautiful selection at the gallery especially the little fungi pots. The Magnolia pots are by special order only as they are very limited along with the Nest Bowls, but we have a trio of the Firewheel Flower pots which are just gorgeous as well.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zebras and Still Life by Jan Hodgson

"Look Both Ways" 89x102cms

"Which Way do We Go" 110x88cms

"Camellias" 82x102cms

"Berry Delicious" 41x45cms

Jan won first prize at the RNA show last year for the "Best Pastel" - so hopefully, she might take out the prize again this year. Fur is painted so beautifully with pastel, especially these beautiful Zebra's that Jan is well known for. A couple of still life have also arrived at the gallery.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Splendid Luxury for Guests

We had the pleasure of having our friends as house guests on the weekend, its always nice when friends come and stay and I always try to make an effort to make them comfortable and relaxed. So out come all the good linen and lovely soaps, flowers and candles. Our guest room is soooo very small, on my wishlist to extend it one day. Nothing nicer than a cozy, gracious guest room. There are 7 paintings in our guestroom alone (some small). The guest bedroom can have wonderful art for your guests to enjoy as well - I always put special pieces in our guestroom.
I would love to get breakfast in bed like the image above - just like in the movies. Supply your guests with lovely water jugs/drinking glasses, stationery, a clock, chocolates, hand cream and other special items to have in close proximity - dont know about the portable iron, that could be taking it a bit far!! of course - flowers....they add the finishing touch.
(images from Veranda Magazine)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Paintings by Veronica just delivered

"The Letter" 60x60cms

From very evocative images with mother and child to the party girls, about to drink their cocktails - a big contrast. Veronica's work is impressionism filled with expression & warmth and in this collection, its great to see all the different sides she has to offer.

"Party Girls - Cocktails" 60x60cms

"Beach Baby" 46x46cms

"Back of Bourke" 60x60cms

(love those RM's she's got on)

We have been waiting for Veronica's work for ages, & finally we have some lovely,new, fresh paintings, when she stopped by the gallery yesterday. All the paintings are oil on canvas.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Famous Jan Power Farmers Markets this Saturday

Is it really that long ago we had the last markets? if you are visiting Manly tomorrow, then you must make the effort to come along and visit the "FAMOUS" Jan Powers Farmers Markets - I look forward to this sooooo much - it is such a beautiful location and the food is absolutely amazing - so grab your "french" basket & be prepared to fill it up, as it is absolutely the best markets you will ever see. Jan Power is absolutely passionate about everything to do with food, art, theatre & books & we stand proud & honoured that she brings her beautiful market to our foreshore each month. We love your markets Jan!
Look at these yummy oysters - probably Coffin Bay (my favourite)
Nothing beats Rhubarb Pie - perhaps from Tamborine Mountain?
anyway, you know it will be direct from the farmer.

three words - Yum - Yum - Yum!

On the beautiful Manly foreshore
the third Saturday of each month - starts 6am

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Watercolours by Bruce Buchanan

""Summer Showers on the River" 70x95cms
"Light & Shadows" 94x124cms

"Rain Across the Paddock" 72x90cms

Bruce Buchanan (winner of the Ipswich Art Awards 2009) stopped by the gallery today to deliver the beautiful watercolour "Summer Showers on the River". The other two paintings "Light and Shadows" and "Rain Across the Paddock" are currently being framed, so we should have them in the gallery and up on the wall in around 10 days time.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Race Day Paintings by Chris Reilly

This collection is particularly special featuring monochromatic tones with highlights of gold. These paintings are oil on canvas (no glass) and framed in a silver frame with white matts.
At the Races 50x44cms oilChampagne Race Day 44x50cms

Making Notes 50x44cms oil

These new paintings by Chris Reilly have a "Race Day" feel to them - Chris is constantly observing, and when she was invited to attend a beautiful soiree in Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup last year, she was in heaven - beautiful women, clothes, hats and champagne in abundance. I can just see these three paintings hung all in a row - perhaps down a hallway, or above a sofa table. Chris is just so popular in the gallery and has been for a very long time, as her paintings are so hard to resist and totally evocative. I love them!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

At the Gallery Today

The three vases below are bespoke pieces by Midge Johansen - they are known as "Femme Fatale" sculptures. Midge won the Ipswich Art Show last year for the Best Sculpture. No two are the same - unique pieces every time. I hear people giggling in the gallery and I usually know what they are giggling about when I see them looking at the vases - they just make you happy when you see them - and you can use them, not just for S-H-O-W..


A Richard Bogusz collection
with a small sketch from Pam Walpole


A little Karen Atkins drawing of "Batboy"

We are forever changing our walls - blink and you'll miss something! here are just a couple of images from the gallery I took today.
The weather has turned, with an icy wind coming right through the front doors - so if you see them closed, dont worry, we are here busily working away.....hurry up summer!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Paris" Opera Ballet

sorry - made a bit of a "faux pas" in the spelling - in the previous post and thought it best to correct!

Parish Opera Ballet "La Bayadere" in Brisbane

After visiting Australia for the first time in 2007 with productions of Swan Lake and Jewels, The Paris Opera Ballet now makes its Brisbane debut at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre in June 2009 (finishes 4th July) - The Company, comprising 100 dancers and with The Queensland Orchestra, will present the Australian Premiere of Rudolf Nureyev's stunning production of La Bayadère.

One of the greatest and most spectacular stagings in the company's repertoire it showcases the magnificent ensemble, all members of which will travel to Australia for this premiere event, exclusive to Brisbane.

(images from The Queensland Performing Arts Centre website)

I had the most wonderful experience on the weekend when I attended the beautiful "Paris Opera Ballet" for the spectacular "La Bayadere". The show only runs until 4th July, so if the opportunity arises - you must was the most amazing show I've seen in Brisbane. It was so nice to also see a lot of my customers there! My favourite costume was the red silk tutu with deep purple layers of tuile... ohhhh....I never wanted it to end, it was simply stunning.