Thursday, July 9, 2009

At the Gallery Today

The three vases below are bespoke pieces by Midge Johansen - they are known as "Femme Fatale" sculptures. Midge won the Ipswich Art Show last year for the Best Sculpture. No two are the same - unique pieces every time. I hear people giggling in the gallery and I usually know what they are giggling about when I see them looking at the vases - they just make you happy when you see them - and you can use them, not just for S-H-O-W..


A Richard Bogusz collection
with a small sketch from Pam Walpole


A little Karen Atkins drawing of "Batboy"

We are forever changing our walls - blink and you'll miss something! here are just a couple of images from the gallery I took today.
The weather has turned, with an icy wind coming right through the front doors - so if you see them closed, dont worry, we are here busily working away.....hurry up summer!!


Dennyjune said...

I love the informal shots around the gallery.. said...

Great look. I love the vases, how comical.

Millie said...

I adore Batboy Janet! Hope you send that wintery weather packing pronto.
Millie ^_^