Thursday, July 30, 2009

Leaves, Nests, Magnolias in Porcelain

Exquisite "Magnolia" series


Limited edition only -
exquisite Nest Bowls

Spotty & Fungi expresso Pots
love them to pieces!

mix & match Fungi Pots

Fungi pots & Vases

gorgeous little Fungi pots (close up)

Leaves & Nests....
from the rainforest floor
You have just got to love this beautiful porcelain by Shannon Garson. I have just come back from a little road trip up the North Coast hinterland where I stopped by to see a couple of my artists and check out their studios! its always a treat for me to see where the "coal face" is...

Its hard to believe this beautiful work starts out as lumps of porcelain clay, and with a deft hand Shannon creates unique hand made vessells, which are are the result of many hours of work. Shannon's pots are finely thrown and translucent and decorated with lively drawings and subtle, textured surfaces which provide a canvas for the misty greens, sunset oranges and delicate hues of the drawings.

We have a beautiful selection at the gallery especially the little fungi pots. The Magnolia pots are by special order only as they are very limited along with the Nest Bowls, but we have a trio of the Firewheel Flower pots which are just gorgeous as well.

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Oh. Thats beautiful work!