Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Paintings by Veronica just delivered

"The Letter" 60x60cms

From very evocative images with mother and child to the party girls, about to drink their cocktails - a big contrast. Veronica's work is impressionism filled with expression & warmth and in this collection, its great to see all the different sides she has to offer.

"Party Girls - Cocktails" 60x60cms

"Beach Baby" 46x46cms

"Back of Bourke" 60x60cms

(love those RM's she's got on)

We have been waiting for Veronica's work for ages, & finally we have some lovely,new, fresh paintings, when she stopped by the gallery yesterday. All the paintings are oil on canvas.


vicki archer said...

I love the party girls - perfectly captured, xv.

Gallery Director said...

oh Vicki, thank you so much for stopping by to view my blog, much appreciated! ....J

Margi Parton said...

Hello Janet. My name is Margi Parton, I'm a photographer and live here on our beautiful bay at Manly West. My web site is and there is a link to my blog. Have just been looking through your lovely gallery and blog, and must say congratulation, very well done. I will call in very soon and say hello. Thanks Margi.