Friday, July 31, 2009

Parisian Girls by Chris Reilly

Flowing dresses, elegant women and pure style, Chris Reilly has captured the Parisian woman - tres chic!
"Givenchy" 49x44cms
"Girls Shopping "49x44cms
"Checked Tablecloths" 49x44cms

As I sit at the gallery this afternoon dreaming of being in Paris - I will just have to be content with posting a selection of simply gorgeous oil paintings by Chris Reilly. The set of three paintings would look beautiful together, perhaps running down a hallway or above a bed - but I would want to show this collection off to everyone, so even above a sofa table in an entry would be just the place - they have beautiful silver toned frames and soft white matts, oils on canvas with no glass - priced at $620-00 each.

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