Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Race Day Paintings by Chris Reilly

This collection is particularly special featuring monochromatic tones with highlights of gold. These paintings are oil on canvas (no glass) and framed in a silver frame with white matts.
At the Races 50x44cms oilChampagne Race Day 44x50cms

Making Notes 50x44cms oil

These new paintings by Chris Reilly have a "Race Day" feel to them - Chris is constantly observing, and when she was invited to attend a beautiful soiree in Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup last year, she was in heaven - beautiful women, clothes, hats and champagne in abundance. I can just see these three paintings hung all in a row - perhaps down a hallway, or above a sofa table. Chris is just so popular in the gallery and has been for a very long time, as her paintings are so hard to resist and totally evocative. I love them!

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