Monday, July 27, 2009

Splendid Luxury for Guests

We had the pleasure of having our friends as house guests on the weekend, its always nice when friends come and stay and I always try to make an effort to make them comfortable and relaxed. So out come all the good linen and lovely soaps, flowers and candles. Our guest room is soooo very small, on my wishlist to extend it one day. Nothing nicer than a cozy, gracious guest room. There are 7 paintings in our guestroom alone (some small). The guest bedroom can have wonderful art for your guests to enjoy as well - I always put special pieces in our guestroom.
I would love to get breakfast in bed like the image above - just like in the movies. Supply your guests with lovely water jugs/drinking glasses, stationery, a clock, chocolates, hand cream and other special items to have in close proximity - dont know about the portable iron, that could be taking it a bit far!! of course - flowers....they add the finishing touch.
(images from Veranda Magazine)


Brabourne Farm said...

I agree - breakfast in bed in this gorgeous room would be just perfect! Leigh

Kellie Collis said...

Would love to be a guest in your home! Very thoughtful!!

vicki archer said...

I love having guests and getting ready for them just like you do...being made to feel welcome is so important, xv,

Millie said...

What time is Check-In Janet!
Millie ^_^

Images de Plumes said...

When may I come and stay, please Janet? Your guest room is CHARMING and like you I love to make my guests feel welcome and cosy and so I too go to a lot of trouble for them. However, you have given me a couple of tips to follow! Lovely blog.