Friday, August 14, 2009

A Peek inside the Artist Studio of Shannon Garson

The trusty Kiln

Our lovely artist Shannon packing my selection
for the Manly Gallery

Exquisite Vases & Bowls

My favourite - little fungi pots
to mix & match

New "Roses" design with a contemporary
edge - gorgeous.

My selection ready for packing

At the coalface

I mentioned recently, I had the chance to visit a number of my artists and asked them kindly if I could take a couple of shots of their studio. Shannon has recently got a new kiln and it sits just outside her studio doorway overseeing all the preparations in the studio. Renovations are under way to complete her studio and its looking fantastic - lots of natural light, with a beautiful outlook, and Shannon's delightful cottage garden can be seen from the windows.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Chance Meeting with Michael Zavros

Michael is very interested in "beauty" as a concept for his are some beautiful images of his work, from the famous falling horses, to the "shoes" and one of his European scenes....

His visit made my day!

At the Gallery

OK, it goes like this - its a beautiful, sunny, warm Saturday afternoon at the gallery. I had only just finished telling a customer about one of my favourite books "An Artists Lunch" and I had an amazing double-take when I looked up to see Michael Zavros walking into gallery. I introduced myself & babbled my way through the next 10 minutes of conversation. If anyone knows me really well, they know this is one of most favourite artists and to have a chance meeting like this was incredible experience....A Chance Meeting...

Michael is currently exhibiting at The Gold Coast Arts Centre, which showcases his beautiful, intricate drawings of charcoals and pencil - the exhibition is called "The Good Son" and I have made plans to make my pilgrimage to the Gold Coast this Thursday to see it.

What a delightful artist! so I thought I had better scramble to get my camera and take a photo - see attached image....he has also signed my copy of "The Artist Lunch" which is just the most beautiful book to read which features some of Australia's most celebrated artists in their homes.