Friday, August 14, 2009

A Peek inside the Artist Studio of Shannon Garson

The trusty Kiln

Our lovely artist Shannon packing my selection
for the Manly Gallery

Exquisite Vases & Bowls

My favourite - little fungi pots
to mix & match

New "Roses" design with a contemporary
edge - gorgeous.

My selection ready for packing

At the coalface

I mentioned recently, I had the chance to visit a number of my artists and asked them kindly if I could take a couple of shots of their studio. Shannon has recently got a new kiln and it sits just outside her studio doorway overseeing all the preparations in the studio. Renovations are under way to complete her studio and its looking fantastic - lots of natural light, with a beautiful outlook, and Shannon's delightful cottage garden can be seen from the windows.

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Millie said...

Ooh these will positively bound out your door Janet! Better have reinforcements sent. Shannon's work is a delight.
Millie ^_