Saturday, September 26, 2009

Manly & Bay Scenes by Cary McAulay

"Pacific Ebb" "Pacific Voyager"

"March Morning - Manly"

"Casting the Net - Manly"

"Dinosaurs at Brisbane Port"

Cary's love of painting shines through in his work - with the many different stories that can be depicted. These stories are discovered by Cary in his travels around Australia, they are generally simple things, such as that particular twist in an old red gum, the sky’s reflection on a low tide beach, the long summer afternoon shadows in the main street of a town or a backyard cricket match under the mango tree. Current works feature a couple of images of Manly which are oils on canvas.

His paintings show a unique interpretation of the world as he sees it. For further information go to this site.

Snapshot on a Saturday

A quick shot of the gallery on a Saturday morning! showing our sculpture and paintings "in situ".

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oils by Chris Reilly

The flowing red dress and the self assurance felt by this lady as she walks past the muscians, with the female muscian in her ruffled skirt - the bicycle sets a nice balance.
The Florence Muscians
The Telephone Call
French Flower Market

Petrie Terrace Brisbane

Paintings "in situ" at the gallery

The purple haze of the jacaranda tree just in time for the month of October, sets the scene in an old part of Brisbane with glorious streets of old and new in "Petrie Terrace". "French Flower Market" another specialty of Chris Reilly's - tres chic. Chris is currently in Paris and there will be no doubt she will come back with plenty of compositions themed around this wonderful city with all those elegant french women. Love "The Telephone Call" the colours are rich and diverse

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Richard Bogusz - new work and one on SALE!

The little works by Richard are so popular - they measure 62x60cms and thats a great little size as you dont need much room for this - so no excuses if you are running out of "wall room" - you can always put one on an easel!
"Red Kite" (now on Sale for $1300)
was over $1800)
"Time to Think" "Forest Edge"

"Across the Water"

Paintings "in situ"

Up on the wall

All Richard's paintings come from his imagination and not real life. Lucky for us Richard's imagination is fertile, evoking an Australian bush of wild vegetation that threatens to take over every canvas, with willowy girls and majestic birds. This very special collection of 3 new paintings are priced at $1275-00 each.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Paintings from Bronwyn Searle

"Afternoon Reflections"
I cannot believe it has been so long since I have posted, I had a wee break just recently, visiting the outback and touring around on a lovely old steam train for the Q150 celebrations - during which time, there were new paintings being delivered to the gallery left, right & centre! I have plenty to post. How evocative are these oils by Bronwyn ? - we love all of them! and they look gorgeous up on our white walls. I do believe some of the "beachy" paintings were done over on Straddie (Stradbroke Island) as Bronwyn loves this part of the world. The way she makes the water "sparkle" is just incredible.


"Baiting the Hook" (great for Fathers day!)

"Six Corella Pears"


I just love Bronwyn's lucscious oils, they truly are exquisite and as far as I know there is no artist in Brisbane doing work this beautiful going from still life to figurative with such ease. Bronwyn used to illustrate and paint for the Brisbane Museum. There is always a beautiful shaft of light shining through her paintings. Tonal quality is just superb. I put one of these paintings out on the easel today and it was like bees to a honeypot! admirers everywhere.