Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oils by Chris Reilly

The flowing red dress and the self assurance felt by this lady as she walks past the muscians, with the female muscian in her ruffled skirt - the bicycle sets a nice balance.
The Florence Muscians
The Telephone Call
French Flower Market

Petrie Terrace Brisbane

Paintings "in situ" at the gallery

The purple haze of the jacaranda tree just in time for the month of October, sets the scene in an old part of Brisbane with glorious streets of old and new in "Petrie Terrace". "French Flower Market" another specialty of Chris Reilly's - tres chic. Chris is currently in Paris and there will be no doubt she will come back with plenty of compositions themed around this wonderful city with all those elegant french women. Love "The Telephone Call" the colours are rich and diverse

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Toni said...

Hi Janet,

I always love Chris Reilly's work - there's something about The Telephone Call that speaks to me (no pun intended!),

Regards, Toni