Thursday, October 29, 2009

Assemblage Art by Mick Zalesky

Luckily, Mick is strong, as once he delivers his sculptures, they are placed in a special place in the gallery and there they stay until sold - I cannot move them at all, so when the last Pelican sold, it was quite stressful watching the poor man struggle out the door with it - huffing and puffing! Mick is happy to deliver his sculpture anywhere in Brisbane (a bonus). Stainless steel is used, so each sculpture can be placed in the elements or inside. Everyone loves them, they can keep some people fascinated for ages, going through the assembly of the sculpture, trying to work out the different bibs and bobs involved! just recently, we had small children quite scared of the "Croc" - I dont think they were expecting to see this in an art gallery!

"Pelican on Plank"

"Peacock Splendor"


Friday, October 23, 2009

LUXE Interiors by Caroline Penny

"Interior with Orchids"

"Interior with Pool Reflections"

"Interior with Orchids"
Exquisite impressionist style artist Caroline Penny ~~ originally from the UK, Caroline was hugely successful in her home country. Now residing in Brisbane, Caroline has been a finalist in the Tattersalls Art Prize with her beautiful oils.

This selection of paintings from Caroline are very enjoyable indeed, filled with colour and strong tones, almost romantic at times. There appears to be a natural illumination with an ambient aura about these interiors ~ I chose Caroline's beautiful painting "Under a Flame Red Sky - Bulimba" for the choice of the month for October, you have to see this painting to appreciate the intensity it portrays. If you live in this area of Brisbane, there is no doubt you would have seen this coloured sky from time to time at sunset ~ a lovely piece of work of an exceptionally high standard.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Adam Bogusz ~ Amazing little works

"The First Bloom"

"Waiting for the Weekend"

"Spring Waters"

The other day when Adam stopped by to deliver new works -I was pretty much taken aback to see a little move away from his contemporary style. Adam is really enjoying his painting and mentioned he was quite keen to see the boat harbours around Manly - for inspiration perhaps? I was happy to show Adam around our beautiful part of our bayside suburb. Its difficult to actually get close to the boat moorings, so we did a little drive around the different yacht clubs to show Adam some picturesque sights.

In the first image - Adam's beautiful, fresh take on a Jacaranda tree - First Bloom - the purple flowers are literally bursting out all over the trees now and its a beautiful sight, especially as you come into our main street, Cambridge Parade (where our gallery is situated).

Waiting for the Weekend - the boats are lined up and ready to go, waiting for their captain to arrive and take them out on the bay! There are hundreds and hundreds of boats in the harbour, and its a special sight to see them leaving the harbour on a bright, warm and sunny day

Third image is Spring Waters - on the Brisbane River. Most people would not identify with having boats in a Brisbane painting, but on the Brisbane River - just near our Botanical Gardens is a small mooring area where the boats are constantly bopping away.

Karen Atkins Wins Award

Karen was recently awarded the "North Sydney Council Open Prize" judged by Ann Cape. Karen was a joint winner. The sheer whimsy of Karen's paintings invokes memories and are always great fun, she truly is a wonderful narrative artist.

"Alice in Gondwanaland"

"The Great Race"

"DASH" 30X40cms

"Voyage of Discovery"

A big smile from the cheshire cat almost blending into the background, and Alice's "uniform" of the blue dress and apron, this little painting is a delight with the textured sky with layers and layers of colours, then you have the quirky kangaroo being nursed by Alice.

More whimsical work with humour shown in "The Great Race" and the tumbling dog and yes - its batman (or batboy). The images of DASH and the Great Race are little gems with great colour and spontaneity. Its lovely to see the countryside with the little white flowers peppered here and there. "Voyage of Discovery" - this one is for the sailors, the little goose with a crown on its head - perhaps keeping watch? but wait - is that Batboy again? what fun it would be to be on board this boat!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bundaberg Arts Festival Winner ~ Robin Hines

"Evening in the Shallows" "The Big Wet"

"Sunrise in the Straits"

With almost luminous paintings, Robin's current works are utterly enticing, decorative works. On occasions Robin's paintings have gained widespread attention and collectors have acquired his work from waiting lists from our gallery.

There is no doubt Robin's work will have a significant impact in the current marketplace as his work continues to be keenly supported.

At the recent Bundaberg Arts Festival Robin was once again, awarded prizes. "Sunrise in the Straits" was awarded 1st Prize in the Watercolour Section, "Evening in the Shadows" was awarded the Mayor's Prize and "The Big Wet" was awarded a Highly Commended Certificate in the Open Section.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Swimmers ~ by Jeanette Morris

"Swimmers" 90x120cms acrylic Polka dot clad swimmers -bright and colourful. This painting was especially commissioned for a unit down the Gold Coast. The unit has muted tonings, so something colourful, bright and a little playful was needed to lift the interior - imagine seeing this as you walk through the door each day! its gorgeous, and we love it. Jeanette has promised there will be more from this series. I just love the movement in it as well - the middle girl with her hair flowing from the bathing cap and the little fish in the background.

Jeanette's paintings are usually beautiful watercolours of old country houses with jacaranda trees or Moreton bay scenes - this is pushing her boundaries and it worked!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Adam Bogusz delivers new collection

Just unpacked and up on walls - loving this new collection from Adam *****

"The Jetty"
"Down to the Water"


Adam perceives his paintings as personal diaries, in which he records his work through his own experiences and feelings. Each piece is beyond a decorative style, it reveals to the viewer an appearance of everyday life as he knows it and the social world he inhabits.
I just love this new collection in which each painting displays a lyrical and vibrant blend of colour and perhaps a touch of whimsy.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grange Hermitage by Jan Hodgson

Grange Hermitage - the ultimate tipple! luminocity is the feature of this still life, its rich and luscious and so beautifully painted. The red top on the wine bottle seems to bring the composition together. The bottle hasnt been opened yet (from what I can see), perhaps it will remain unopened for a some time, as I'm sure Jan will want to feature this bottle in a little series of paintings featuring this timeless drop.

"A Tasty Tipple" 89x54cms (pastel)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Pene's signature works show a fondness for using bright colours. This new collection really has to be seen at the gallery - the photos do not give them justice at all...they are textured and vibrant and a collectable favourite with some of Brisbane's interior decorators.

"Desert Critters"

"Fish Song"

"Dancing Dog"

"Red & Orange Landscape"

The basis for Pene’s work is an implied aerial view with an unpremeditated figuration and linear path. The creative imagery teams with life seen and unseen. There is no foreground, middle ground or background schema.

Pene’s paintings take on their own path as she works purely intuitively using her love of colour and form marking to create her individual works.

Pene does not expect viewers to make the same symbolic association that she does, but hopes they will have their own positive responses and allow themselves to be excited and stimulated by the exchanges with her dynamic work.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Publishers Cup Entry by Christine Atkins

Christine's painting "School Cricket" was chosen to be in the prestigious Publishers Cup Travelling exhibition of cricket paintings, see link to Publishers Cup

The judging panel included John Mcdonnald (Sydney Morning Herald art critic) in which 32 paintings were selected for the exhibition from 232 paintings submitted and the prizes will be announced on Thursday 8th October.

The exhibition will initially be in the Sydney Cricket Ground then at other venues and will then be at the MCG to coincide with the Boxing Day test match.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Little 'uns by Susan Montgomery

We are so pleased to welcome Susan back to The Manly Gallery - we have missed your little treasures! so here is a great little collection which have just been unpacked and now proudly displayed. Each painting is 30x30cms on stretch canvas - beautifully finished and priced at $185 each.

"Birthday Girl"

"Jumping Rope"

"Star Catcher"



Susan incorporates her love of rich colour and texture into her paintings, whether it be with subtle earthy tones, or bright bold primary colours (or a small hint of bling with glitter in Mermaid) - A reflective stillness pervades the figurative works, even when the figure is actively involved in some activity such as skipping, the sense persists. Large eyes appear both innocent and protective of their secret imaginings - delighting in the simple imagery and tender warmth of the colours, we are lured back to a place less complicated.