Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Pene's signature works show a fondness for using bright colours. This new collection really has to be seen at the gallery - the photos do not give them justice at all...they are textured and vibrant and a collectable favourite with some of Brisbane's interior decorators.

"Desert Critters"

"Fish Song"

"Dancing Dog"

"Red & Orange Landscape"

The basis for Pene’s work is an implied aerial view with an unpremeditated figuration and linear path. The creative imagery teams with life seen and unseen. There is no foreground, middle ground or background schema.

Pene’s paintings take on their own path as she works purely intuitively using her love of colour and form marking to create her individual works.

Pene does not expect viewers to make the same symbolic association that she does, but hopes they will have their own positive responses and allow themselves to be excited and stimulated by the exchanges with her dynamic work.

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