Thursday, October 29, 2009

Assemblage Art by Mick Zalesky

Luckily, Mick is strong, as once he delivers his sculptures, they are placed in a special place in the gallery and there they stay until sold - I cannot move them at all, so when the last Pelican sold, it was quite stressful watching the poor man struggle out the door with it - huffing and puffing! Mick is happy to deliver his sculpture anywhere in Brisbane (a bonus). Stainless steel is used, so each sculpture can be placed in the elements or inside. Everyone loves them, they can keep some people fascinated for ages, going through the assembly of the sculpture, trying to work out the different bibs and bobs involved! just recently, we had small children quite scared of the "Croc" - I dont think they were expecting to see this in an art gallery!

"Pelican on Plank"

"Peacock Splendor"


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