Friday, October 2, 2009

Little 'uns by Susan Montgomery

We are so pleased to welcome Susan back to The Manly Gallery - we have missed your little treasures! so here is a great little collection which have just been unpacked and now proudly displayed. Each painting is 30x30cms on stretch canvas - beautifully finished and priced at $185 each.

"Birthday Girl"

"Jumping Rope"

"Star Catcher"



Susan incorporates her love of rich colour and texture into her paintings, whether it be with subtle earthy tones, or bright bold primary colours (or a small hint of bling with glitter in Mermaid) - A reflective stillness pervades the figurative works, even when the figure is actively involved in some activity such as skipping, the sense persists. Large eyes appear both innocent and protective of their secret imaginings - delighting in the simple imagery and tender warmth of the colours, we are lured back to a place less complicated.

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Millie said...

What adorable little images!
Millie ^_^