Friday, October 16, 2009

Swimmers ~ by Jeanette Morris

"Swimmers" 90x120cms acrylic Polka dot clad swimmers -bright and colourful. This painting was especially commissioned for a unit down the Gold Coast. The unit has muted tonings, so something colourful, bright and a little playful was needed to lift the interior - imagine seeing this as you walk through the door each day! its gorgeous, and we love it. Jeanette has promised there will be more from this series. I just love the movement in it as well - the middle girl with her hair flowing from the bathing cap and the little fish in the background.

Jeanette's paintings are usually beautiful watercolours of old country houses with jacaranda trees or Moreton bay scenes - this is pushing her boundaries and it worked!

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vicki archer said...

These are fun JAnet, xv.