Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Art for Children or Fairy Lovers

Let me show you these special little pieces created by Denise Murray. They are a collection of paintings commissioned for a "new born" baby's nursery. I'm sure you will agree, they are simply exquisite, with undertones of colour and dream like qualities.




Quite often Denise will start working with a simpe "shadow" which can appear in the foreground - the observer becomes the observed, there is no preconceived notion. Colour is very important and texture will suggest a world of possibilities. These simple little paintings have a playful look about them, but the undertones are quite sophisticated. Tone on tone is just exquisite - lucky little "Malia" that now has them in her bedroom to look at for the rest of her life!

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vicki archer said...

These are just beautiful.....xv