Thursday, November 12, 2009

Making Ordinary Extraordinary

The most remarkable thing about Michael Cawdrey's work is the ordinariness of the subject matter. The appeal lies in the way Michael relates to everyday life where you find yourself saying "I've been there before" and you probably have!

This collection of beautiful oils are framed in oyster coloured frames with white matts - no glass, so you get that lovely impact of colour on your walls once they are placed.

"View to Moffatt Beach Headland"

"George Street - Brisbane"
"Paddling at High Tide"

"A Slice of Sunshine at Bribie Island"

"Autumn in Melbourne"

Michael's passion is in everyday shapes and activities - such as old buildings beside new skyscapers. Sometimes Michael might use both acrylic and oils as the acrylic gives a spontaneous, edgy effect while the oil provides a softer balance.
This is truly a lovely collection - the light and shade are simply superb. I placed some of the paintings onto our charcoal coloured wall and they just look exquisite, but would also sit beautifully on crisp white walls.

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