Friday, November 6, 2009

New Glassware from Hoglund Art Glass

"Baby Birds" & " Birds with Wings"
Just arrived in the gallery in time for Christmas are the beautiful art glass pieces from Hoglund. These pieces are all individual works of art, made from molten liquefied crystal glass - therefore - no two pieces will ever be the same. Handblown glass is an art form which bears the "fingerprint" of the craftsman in every piece created.


"Wave Bowl - with Base"

"Dot Wave Vase"

A wide collection of stunning hand-blown glass is now on display at The Manly Gallery which has been created exclusively by hand in striking colours and designs.

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Millie said...

The Baby Birds are so adorable Janet. MOTH did a glass blowing workshop a couple of years ago thinking it would be a great new hobby. It took him weeks to get over the exhaustion of those 2 days. I have a new admiration for these artisans.
Millie ^_^