Friday, November 20, 2009

Wildflower Country - new works from Heather Blacklock

Wildflower Country (Everlastings) (97x140cms)

"This painting is what I call the "best time of the year" when the sun would come out and warm up all them flowers , and they would look like they would open up and smile at the sun. This was also a great time of the year for us to go picking wildberries and other wild fruits."

(narrative by Heather)

a close up (detail)

On the easel at the gallery
I literally let out a "gasp" when I first layed eyes on this stunningly-beautiful piece from Heather - the painting literally shimmers and pulsates. The patiently applied layers evoke a flourishing burst of colourful flowers.
The quill style looks deceptively simple. In many of her paintings, she uses a droplet shape to build up a pointillist picture, usually on a one colour background - in this case an emerald green. The tail of the droplet gives her work an unusual sense of movement. "It has a 3D effect and people want to touch it," says Ray (Heather’s husband). "I call it Braille art. Aboriginal people get excited about it. One old fellow started to dance when he saw one of Heather's paintings."

"It makes me feel proud of my culture, getting their approval," adds Heather. "It makes the paintings worth doing even more. When you see your people looking at something you've done, it's a bit emotional, like going home and showing your mum."

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