Monday, December 7, 2009

Magical Properties of Light

Jan Hodgson has delivered this new collection of pastels - pattern and shape, light and shade are key elements to these exquisite paintings and a little sense of humour from the artist can be quite playful at times (or quirky if you like!)

"Its Times Like These"

"Fruit Cocktail"

"White Gloves"

"Watching You"


I love the way there is a "suggestion" of the animals - focusing on the bare elements of the zebra and the tiger . If you have been into our gallery, you will always notice a Zebra painting or two by Jan, they are so popular, they virtually sell themselves as people appreciate the delicacy and skill required that goes into painting pastels. No two compositions are ever the same.
Jan won the second prize at the RNA this year (last year she won First Prize).

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Toni said...

How does Jan Hodgson do it?? These are fabulous - especially The Grange (which personally I would call 'When You Can't Have the Real Thing!'). Another one for my eternal shopping list (you have THE best artists!!).

From your Eternal Customer xx