Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We love & adore.....

Meet "Miranda" she is just adorable and is sitting under our Christmas tree as you enter the gallery - she is bright, colourful and is bringing lots of smiles to anyone who sees her! a very unique sculpture.


"Miranda" standing beside "Baby Bouquet" by Kendall


"Pelicans & Pelicans with Fish"

"Fishies" with a Veronica Robilliard painting

"Fish 'n Lips"

These whimsical sculptures are built with a special raku clay. I dont think I have ever seen any sculpture that comes close to these quirky, little gems. Val and Phil Willy have been creating for many years, about as long as the gallery has been established! the colour combinations on some of them are amazing and I often have a little laugh when I'm unpacking them and seeing their little heads emerge! priced at well under $100 - especially with our SALE which continues until Christmas eve (10% off everything at the gallery)

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