Friday, March 26, 2010

Crisp and Colourful

"Alice" 40x30cms

"Girl with Striped Socks" 40x30cms

"Little Red Plane" 40x30cms

"A Boy and His Boat" 40x30cms

This is just a delightful collection, new works from Susan Montgomery, and this time, we have two boy images! we've had a number of enquiries as to when Susan was going to do "boys" and now they have arrived. This collection is slightly larger and priced at $250 each. A great way to start off your art collection by starting in the children's rooms perhaps? kids love them!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bright and Colourful

"Autumn Twilight at Manly"

"Towards St Helena"

"From Cambridge Parade"

Great little works from Cary this time - bright and colourful! we love when Cary paints the local scenes around Manly, and of course our main street still has lovely old buildings with character which gives our main street a strong "village atmosphere" follow the link to for some little snippets of info. Details of the paintings are:
  • Autumn Twilight - Manly 40x50 cms
  • Towards St Helena - 50x40cms
  • From Cambridge Parade 30x25cms

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Watercolours by Bruce Buchanan

"Boatyard Reflections"

"Waterlilies" on the wall at the gallery

"Waterlilies" (i)

"Waterlilies" (ii)

Three new paintings by Bruce Buchanan just arrived ~ a beautiful selection so please contact me if you need any further information. Just out of interest, the Waterlilies are found at 18Mile Swamp over at Straddie (near Jumpinpin)
  • Boat Yard Reflections
  • Waterlilies at 18 Mile Swamp (i) & (ii)

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Work from Robin Hines

"Maryborough" 50x70cms

"Red Centre" 90x150cms

"Spirit Country" 110x76cms

Three new paintings by Robin Hines, soon to be delivered to the gallery, each painting showing remarkable tonal qualities, with a good use of drama - very typical of Robin's paintings.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pene Edwards enters Wynne Prize 2010

One of our other very talented "contemporary" artists from The Manly Gallery is Pene Edwards and here is her entry into the Wynne Landscape Prize 2010 - the landscape section of the Archibald. This is a grand painting which measures 2.7mtrs long x 1.2m high - it would make an amazing impact for a corporate entity or anyone that has a huge space. Shame that Pene didnt make it to the finals this time- so I must have a look on the website see how many Queenslanders actually did make it into the finals! oh well, once again, perhaps next year Pene.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finalists chosen for The Archibald Prize 2010

The website for the Archibald is where all the finalists are now presented. Attached is the image from Pam Walpole, who entered into the Landscape section of the Archibald Prize - The Wynne, and even though I think she should have been chosen as a Finalist, it was not to be (perhaps next year). Each painting consists of five panels - each one measures - 180cms high and one metre wide - which is a depiction of the devastation left by the fires down south in 2009 - it has real burnt fence palings incorporated into the painting. It is titled "Black Saturday". A very powerful painting with a real story to tell.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Picture Perfect

"New Farm Street"

"Brisbane - Old and New"
A couple of lovely little "pen and wash" paintings from Cees Sliedrecht. Cees can be seen around Manly sometimes sketching away during the height of activity along the Esplanade or our main street (Cambridge Parade), as Cees likes to take his art students out and about to the different suburbs of Brisbane. From time to time, we've had some wonderful little paintings along Southbank, New Farm Park and Newstead along with our bayside areas. Dropping the watercolour into the pen drawing adds a unique touch to the paintings Cees creates.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

At the Gallery Today

Bronwyn Searles beautiful oils on the left
"Lots of Kids" by Pat Tolcher on the right

Chris Hooper's oils - "Straddie" and "Fish"
Pelican sculpture by Mick Zalesky
"Chrissy" sculpture by Denise Murray

"Aqua" 100x170cms acrylic

Pam Walpole's latest collection
Lots of new work arriving at the gallery daily, some larger pieces that just brighten up our little gallery. Pam's new work is just beautiful, the triptych is made up of 3 x 65 centimetre wide panels - I will post more on Pam's new work shortly. "Aqua" by Lorraine Rogers - textured and fun - the colours are amazing in this piece. "Pelican" is made from aircraft spare parts and stainless steel and its perched on a 100year old piece of oregan from Canada.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Point of Difference

"And the Embers Flew" 60x90cms oil

"Land of Milk & Honey" 60x90cms oil

New oils by Pene Edwards, a local artist from Wynnum, who has won numerous awards over the years. One of Pene's most prestigious awards was when she won first prize (Acquisitive) from the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, followed by her two awards from the Combined Rotary Art Spectacular in Brisbane, which, by the way is about to be judged for 2010.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Elegant painting by Chris Reilly

Stunning new piece from Chris Reilly - "Bridge Study" oil on canvas with an oyster coloured framed - measuring 50cms high x 80cms wide, with features of luscious red, found in nearly all of Chris's paintings.....I love the impressionist style - a very evocative painting.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Little 'uns by Susan Montgomery

"In Love"

"The Daydreamer"

Vibrant happy colours abound in this selection from Susan. We have been asked "where are the boy paintings"? so hopefully by next week, we'll have some boys to show you. These particular paintings looks so much better "in situ", and grouped together they make such a statement. Only small - but good things come in small packages!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Archibald Fever has started

Just recently we had a call from Channel 9 News wanting to film in our gallery for a story on the upcoming Archibald Prize. 612 ABC Morning Host, Spencer Howson and 4BC's Jamie Dunn participated in the promotion - Spencer's brother Alexander Devenport painted Spencer's portrait as an entry into this years show. We had so much fun for a couple of hours shooting ! the paintings were huge!! It was nice to meet and greet the arists as well - John Sparks and Paul Evans.

the delivery

Jamie & Spencer "face off"

Jamie with his two portraits
that were previously entered (by artists John Sparks & Paul Evans)

the film crew from Channel 9

Spencer with his portrait by Alexander Devenport
to be entered into the 2010 Archibald Portrait Prize

Guest reporter for channel 9
(only joking) - I wish!
The Archibald Prize will be judged and announced on 25th March - good luck Alex!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back from a Short Break

Loved every minute of my very short holiday at Town of 1770 - they have the most beautiful sunsets, mind you, didnt get to see any sunrises! thanks to Leigh and Denise for taking over the reigns at the gallery, you both did an amazing job, so I can now take more holidays knowing everything is in safe hands!! as always.... will be back to posting plenty of new work is arriving every day. Lorraine Rogers has delivered a wonderful collection of new watercolours and plenty of local scenes focusing on Manly, Wynnum and Lota (Yay!!)