Thursday, March 11, 2010

At the Gallery Today

Bronwyn Searles beautiful oils on the left
"Lots of Kids" by Pat Tolcher on the right

Chris Hooper's oils - "Straddie" and "Fish"
Pelican sculpture by Mick Zalesky
"Chrissy" sculpture by Denise Murray

"Aqua" 100x170cms acrylic

Pam Walpole's latest collection
Lots of new work arriving at the gallery daily, some larger pieces that just brighten up our little gallery. Pam's new work is just beautiful, the triptych is made up of 3 x 65 centimetre wide panels - I will post more on Pam's new work shortly. "Aqua" by Lorraine Rogers - textured and fun - the colours are amazing in this piece. "Pelican" is made from aircraft spare parts and stainless steel and its perched on a 100year old piece of oregan from Canada.

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