Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finalists chosen for The Archibald Prize 2010

The website for the Archibald is where all the finalists are now presented. Attached is the image from Pam Walpole, who entered into the Landscape section of the Archibald Prize - The Wynne, and even though I think she should have been chosen as a Finalist, it was not to be (perhaps next year). Each painting consists of five panels - each one measures - 180cms high and one metre wide - which is a depiction of the devastation left by the fires down south in 2009 - it has real burnt fence palings incorporated into the painting. It is titled "Black Saturday". A very powerful painting with a real story to tell.

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Millie said...

Such a powerful painting Janet. I hope Pam enters work again next year.
Millie ^_^