Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Sunlight & Spotlight" Exhibition with Christine Atkins

Zig Zag Wattle (oil)



"The Rooster" (oil)


"The Gate" (oil)


"Boats" (pastel)

"Rangoon Creeper" (oil)

"Chooks" (oil)

 "Geese at Rangon Burma"

Further images from the Exhibition "Sunlight & Spotlight" opening tomorrow night from 5pm.  If you follow the link to my website press here then go to exhibition section to view all images from the show.  There is mostly still life in this show, however, often when we think of "still life"  the words often conjure up an insipid boring bunch of flowers in a vase - well this need not be so!  Still life can be vibrant and rich, and need not just include a vase and flowers.  In this show Chris will show you paintings, that with the courageous mix of backdrops and different elements, she puts the oomph!! into her subjects - the result is just amazing. We are very excited to host this Exhibition and look forward to having a wonderful opening night with our customers and friends.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Preparing for our New Exhibition

Pretty busy the next couple of days with preparations for our upcoming Exhibition opening this Friday night which will feature award winning artist - Christine Atkins - a perennial favourite of the gallery.  The exhibition is titled "Sunlight and Spotlight" and features both oils and pastels.  There are many sunny outdoor landscapes from Europe and local market scenes to her exquisite still life with shiny surfaces of her blue and white china.  I will be posting quite few more images from the show in the next couple of days.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Exquisite Etchings

Paris Winter (etching)

 "Serenade i" etching

The Japanese Collection


Japanese paintings (oils and acrylic - also available on request)



(above L-R is Foxglove - Persimmon & Rose)

There is something so special about etchings - they are so painstakingly created by the artist and go through a very lengthy process before the finished result.  Frances is well known for her skilful and inspirational etchings which are both evocative and soothing.  During her 20 year career as a full time artist, Frances has worked and exhibited in Japan and Italy. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beautiful Home for Sale

What a lovely surprise I got, when I was just looking (for friends) for properties for sale around Ascot and Hamilton - this  elegant home is for sale and is situated on Windemere Road and it featured one my artists paintings which was a nice surprise .  Details of the property on  and if you look at  image 3, it shows the interior of the lounge/sitting room, and you will see Adam's painting on the left hand side (with gold frame) - it looks amazing! wish it showed the whole painting, that would be a bonus.  Check out  all the latest works we have  from Adam -  see here

images from copyright by Alma Clark

Monday, April 19, 2010

Whats New at the Gallery

"Muscians (ii)" oil

"Musicians (i)" oil

"Fine Dining" oil 44x49cms


Christine travels quite often, and is drawn to "people watching" hence the wonderful compositions of elegant people in elegant surroundings.  With constant inspiration from her trips overseas, Chris has an never-ending supply of material for her lovely oils ~ from Paris to New York (and sometimes Manly!).  It must be so rewarding to capture people in this way, highlighting the beautiful aspects of life. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

In Good Taste - Jan Hodgson

 pastel 87x106cms

"Juicy Fruit"
59x89cms pastel


Exquisite pastels from Jan Hodgson - framed beautifully in champagne coloured frames.   A number of my other artists always admire Jan's work when they come into the gallery, which is a big call!  Jan has won a number of awards and her skill with pastel has to be seen to be believed.  Jan also paints the Zebra compositions, however, this time we have her beautiful still life.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Story continues with Karen Atkins

"If we There - then we Wont be There"
51x40cms acrylic

acrylic 45x55cms

"Hello Rosie" sketch

Our narrative artist Karen Atkins delivered a couple of new pieces - enjoying painting the "Alice" styled paintings - but the little sketches are always a great way to have a piece of art, starting off small and getting your own frame - great for gifts.  "Bliss" is just superb - acrylic on paper under glass this time, which we very rarely see in Karen's work - a special piece framed in a gold frame.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Statement of Style with Pam Walpole

"Channel Country (i)"  56x56cms

"What Future the Murray Darling"
90x1195cms (overall) triptych

on the gallery wall

"No Rain All Year - Arkaroola"

"At the Estuary III" arcylic

Pam’s bold expressive brushstrokes and minimal palette and style is the essence of her work, which hopefully draws the viewer in for closer inspection. Often the work is her response to the destruction of the land – whether by nature in drought, flood or fire, or by man in his quest for development.  This new collection from Pam is just superb, especially the large triptych which measures nearly 2metres long - so if you have a large space and white walls - this would be such a statement of style.