Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alice Fever with a Twist

"Whats the Magic Word"  25x25cms

"Save Me"  (now sold)

"Cavalcade" 45x45cms acrylic

"A Teatray in the Sky" 77x50cms

So popular are the "Alice" paintings by Karen Atkins and not just for children's rooms - they hold their own in an adult environment, narrative artists have stories to tell, and the connection between owner and painter is always an interesting one.  Alice used to appear in a lot of Karen's work over the years, but now with the blockbuster movie in the cinemas, Alice has re-emerged in Karen's story-telling paintings, albeit with a little twist here and there - little Koala's or Kangaroos appearing at the tea party!  Batman continues on his adventures in "Cavalcade" bunnies, cats, dogs, performing sheep and heart-covered horses - just a delight, taking your eye all over the canvas so as not to miss any of the antics!

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Porchlight Interiors said...

These paintings are amazing! I have just looked right through your blog - I love it! I will have to come in and have a look in your gallery when my kids are back at school. Tracey xx