Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Finishing Touch

"Waters Edge" 60x90cms

"Four Green Pears" 90x60cms

"Watermelon Wedge" 52x62cms

Just a quick snapshot to see how beautiful  Bron's still life looks once on the wall - I'm holding this one up for the customer to view! 

...and in this image ...  one of Bronwyn's paintings "Fingers of Gold" which was placed in a reception area of an Architects's office in Singapore - it looks amazing!  customer loved it instantly - so we took it off the stretcher bar, rolled it up and put it in a tube to transport o/seas - easy.
Children playing on the beach in "Waters Edge" with the ocean backlit - makes this painting sparkle.  Just as beautiful are Bronwyn's still life series - subtle backgrounds propel the image forward, and oh! that light she gets into her work is just sublime - a perennial favourite artist of the gallery.  I love pears and have a little collection of them at home (alabaster/glass/crystal/ceramic) ~ so everytime I see a painting with a pear in it, takes all my might to be strong!  doesn't always work though.  The watermelon wedge is just one word - delicious!

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