Monday, April 12, 2010

A Statement of Style with Pam Walpole

"Channel Country (i)"  56x56cms

"What Future the Murray Darling"
90x1195cms (overall) triptych

on the gallery wall

"No Rain All Year - Arkaroola"

"At the Estuary III" arcylic

Pam’s bold expressive brushstrokes and minimal palette and style is the essence of her work, which hopefully draws the viewer in for closer inspection. Often the work is her response to the destruction of the land – whether by nature in drought, flood or fire, or by man in his quest for development.  This new collection from Pam is just superb, especially the large triptych which measures nearly 2metres long - so if you have a large space and white walls - this would be such a statement of style.

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