Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Sunlight & Spotlight" Exhibition with Christine Atkins

Zig Zag Wattle (oil)



"The Rooster" (oil)


"The Gate" (oil)


"Boats" (pastel)

"Rangoon Creeper" (oil)

"Chooks" (oil)

 "Geese at Rangon Burma"

Further images from the Exhibition "Sunlight & Spotlight" opening tomorrow night from 5pm.  If you follow the link to my website press here then go to exhibition section to view all images from the show.  There is mostly still life in this show, however, often when we think of "still life"  the words often conjure up an insipid boring bunch of flowers in a vase - well this need not be so!  Still life can be vibrant and rich, and need not just include a vase and flowers.  In this show Chris will show you paintings, that with the courageous mix of backdrops and different elements, she puts the oomph!! into her subjects - the result is just amazing. We are very excited to host this Exhibition and look forward to having a wonderful opening night with our customers and friends.

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