Sunday, May 30, 2010

Posed and Elegant

"Backlights" oil on board

"African Woman"
charcoal (unframed)

"Seated Nude"
unframed pen and wash

"Seated Nude" (i) and (ii)
unframed charcoals

"Seated Nude (iii)"
charcoal unframed

"Seated Nude (iv)
Charcoal unframed

This is a stunning collection - we are loving Pauline Adair's new works.  "Backlights" is a beautiful oil that is framed, however, the remaining works are all unframed and presented with white matts, ready for your own framing.  Pauline is an elegant and talented artist, working in mostly oils and charcoals.

No one puts it better than Pauline - she says:
People, their expressions, colour, light, shadow...... fascinating how they affect one another....and I love to capture all these elements in a painting. I paint people every day...I don't want to go to my grave with my paintings still inside me... or to have any paint left over!

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Dennyjune said...

I love Seated Nude 3 and 4. Beautifully drawn, relaxed and loose... this is not easy, takes a lot of talent.