Monday, June 21, 2010

Watercolour on Silk Paintings

"Clusters of Hydrangeas" 98x40cms

"Flight of Fancy"

I really dont know of many artists that produce paintings so beautifully on silk as Margaret Meiklejohn does.  She is a very talented local artist, who after many years of painting traditional watercolours, turned to painting the watercolour onto the silk.  It is a very laborious artform which requires special techniques and Margaret has certainly mastered this throughout the many years she has been with our gallery.   You really have to see this work in the flesh - its so liquidy (such a word!) or delicate is probably a better description.  They have been beautifully framed in an oyster coloured frame - just perfect.

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theoldboathouse said...

So amazing...those dragonflies....beautiful. I love barony lamps too and they are harder to find these days, but I am always on the look out, cheers katherine