Monday, June 14, 2010

Wattle Painting of the Queen

This is my all time favourite portrait painting of the Queen - I can remember it from my school days, I think it was in the Principals office! or thereabouts.  The 'wattle painting' as it became known is of the young Queen painted by Australian artist Sir William Dargie in 1954. Completed soon after the Queen's 1954 tour – the first time a reigning monarch had set foot on Australian soil – the wattle painting is one of the most recognisable 20th century Australian portraits.  Dargie depicts the Queen wearing a Norman Hartnell mimosa gold tulle dress adorned with sparkling gold wattle motifs. Hartnell designed the dress for the 1954 Australian tour. It is unambiguously patriotic and easily recognisable as the dress worn during her first evening engagement of the royal tour in Sydney, and again to her last evening function in Perth before leaving Australia.  Dargie later painted a third version after the Queen expressed her delight at the original and requested a personal copy.

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theoldboathouse said...

that dress is just beautiful...cheers Katherine