Tuesday, June 15, 2010


~~  Blue Wren ~~

~~ P e a c o c k ~~
SilvereyeTree Frog

~~  Red Rumped Parrot ~~

~~  Yellow Tailed Cockatoo ~~

Christophers beautiful birds are currently featured on the -55cent stamp, so if you are passing by the Manly Post Office, have a little squizzy on the wall and you will find the little Wren featured in a framed print above the counter.  The giclee reproductions can be ordered unframed.

Christopher's artworks capture delightfully intimate encounters with shy and elusive subjects, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer. His understanding of three dimensional objects and their relation to the surrounding space give the viewer a clear sense of being present.  Christopher's love for art and wildlife began early on in childhood.   Although he has studied illustration and art in various forms, Chris is basically self-taught and is regarded as one of the leaders in the field of wildlife art in Australia.  We currently have three beautiful limited edition giclees framed in a silver frame of the "Silvereye", "Wren" and the "Honeyeater".  

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