Friday, July 30, 2010

Coffee Pot Wind Chimes

These great little "objects de art" are wind chimes made of old cutlery, and salvaged teapots that have been customised with limbs made of spoons and scrap metal.  I have just placed one of them outside the door of the gallery and it is tinkling away in the bayside breeze (but not to noisy - just nice) - fantastic talking point!  no two are the same and some of the cutlery is gorgeous!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eclectic Collection by Kim Mancini

Kim's sailing paintings in situ






  1. Two Sisters Out to Lunch (Italy) 30x30cms
  2. View from Colcolum to Morre (Italy) 30x30cms
  3. Woorim Beach at Bribie  60x60cms
  4. Race Off Shore  60x60cms
  5. Tidal Waters 40x122cms
New work from Kim Maninci and quite an eclectic mix this time - the top image was sent in by a customer after purchasing one of Kim's bright and colourful sailing paintings, she just had to share the final result.    Some of the smaller works were influenced by Kim's recent travels to Italy. Even though the paintings in 2, 3 and 4 are oil paintings,  as the canvas dries it takes on the appearance of  a "watercolour" - and Kim is loving working with these new oil paints ordered from America. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Glistening Glassware

From the beautiful "Iris" collection (the top 2 vases) inspired by Monets Garden, to the elegantly shaped perfume bottles, the glassworks by Maleny artist Marc Kalifa is just superb.  Handblown in his country studio, I was absolutely enthralled to be shown how the glassware develops from the basic silica to the finished result - this is long and very difficult artform, and yet there is a certain delicacy in the placement of patterns onto the glass.  The Zebra series has been very popular, probably due to the colourings of black and white - which is always a favourite.  Glass orbs have been designed around the colours of the outback - blue sky/green trees and the orange earth.  The oil burners are all so different in shape and colour, they burn so much cleaner than candles - no more dripping of wax!  This is just a small snippet of what we have available and we always carry Marc's special glassworks.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Enjoy the Panorama

Evening on Sydney Harbour

Brisbane River from Bartleys Point

on the artists easel

Michael Cawdrey - one of our very popular artists specialising in oil paintings.  I love the bottom image with the painting "in situ" in other words - sitting on the easel at the artists studio, no longer a work in progress - the finished result.  Take a glance across the top image of the Sydney Harbour - the golden glow of the evening light sparkling across the harbour and bouncing off the famous Luna Park under the bridge - this painting is just superb - picture perfect, we can almost understand why Michael would have wanted to paint this scene.  How often do we take photos of a subject and then we are disappointed when it doesnt come out quite like we expected - however,  paint the same scene and you are able to bring the atmosphere and mood into the painting.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Art Show Entries

"Last Light"

"Floodplain Sunrise"

Our artist Robin Hines has these two paintings earmarked for upcoming art shows.   "Last Light" is the entry into the 27th Annual  Hervey Bay Art Society Awards and "Floodplain Sunrise" is the entry for the Kenilworth Art Prize.  Robin has won many awards over the years, so we wish him well with these entries and if successful - we'll be posting about them in the not to distant future.  Good luck Robin.  Look out for new work arriving from Robin - next week there will be three new works.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gorgeous New Store

A dream come true.....for Maureen who has just opened a beautiful new store in Bay Terrace, Wynnum.  Maureen is the sister of Janice who is our lampwork beadist - both are just amazing artists when it comes to the lampwork technique.  This beautiful new store is also a teaching studio where lampwork classes are taught by Maureen.   More beautiful beads are featured on her website Beadoire -

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Manly Gallery loves....

An Autumn Remembered (ii)

An Autumn Remembered (iii)

the new giclees

A superb collection by Bruce Buchanan has just been delivered, which includes two originals "An Autumn Remembered" (ii) and (iii) we have also received the new giclees which consist of a set of three titled "Red Sand Hills Nilpena Station" (i) (ii) & (iii).  We have a full set of giclees already framed, or if you prefer, we have a set of three unframed ($190 each).  I would like to share the artists statement by Bruce with regard to the originals:-
"Loosely based on Tasmanian landscapes, these explore the idea of “an autumn remembered” with the soft misty light and colours.  I have introduced memory into what could otherwise be more “literal” works of specific places. They’re all about mood really."

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beautiful Paris and Flowers

Rose Pink
watercolour 55x47cms

Hotel Menier - Paris

Paris Kiosk

Paris Rooftop

Portofino - Italy
unframed watercolour

Cours Mirabeau - Aix en Provence
unframed watercolour

Paris Rooftop (bottom of photo) - in situ at the gallery
(Bruce Buchanan's work on the top which is now sold)

Rose Pink painting in situ

From the gorgeous "Rose Pink" painting, which is almost an impressionist style to the exquisite buildings in Paris, this beautiful artist - Helen Beaver - shows true mastery of form, colour and tone.  There is an elusive sparkle that compels you to revisit and enjoy the paintings again and again just for the pure visual enjoyment. Some of these works are unframed which allows you to choose your own framing - a good idea! the remainder are framed in an oyster-coloured frame, which matches beautifully.  This is a wonderful collection.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tweet Tweet

Lunch by the Sea

Cheeky Lorikeets

King Parrots

I can just hear the screaching of the rainbow lorikeets in the trees, not to mention the seagulls squalking away looking for another chip to be thrown to them.  I love the sound of the seagull call early in the morning - one of the nice things living by the sea.  Margaret's new paintings encapsulate a relaxed style, she is not a "Wildlife" artist as such, but an artist that just loves to paint and in particular - our beautiful birdlife.   We often get bird watchers in the gallery, particularly this time of year as many birds have migrated to our shores for the warmer climate, the curlews in particular.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Contemporary Work

"Forest" 122x76cms


Dennise in her studio

Full of mystique and beautifully textured is the new piece from Denise Murray "Forest" which is a large painting measuring 122cms high x 76cms wide has just arrived at the gallery and it looks amazing on the wall.  The luscious undertones of green/yellow/white are quite evident and there is a nice surprise when your eye glances over the base of the painting and you discover the lady in the white dress - it enlightens this beautiful piece.  We have also got the cold cast bronze sculpture "Maggie" by Denise as well- she is just delightful - place her on a sideboard or a bookshelf - she is also a stand-alone piece.  I love integrating sculpture with paintings, to me its the finishing touch.   Hope you enjoy the studio photos of Denise -  you can sometimes come across Denise working at the gallery from time to time, more so soon, when our lovely Leigh will travel over to Japan to take up residence there - more about that later.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Contemporary Aboriginal Art

Emu Feathers (acrylic)

Emu Feathers (detail - close up)

Yuran Dreaming
(blue tongue lizard)

close up of Yuran Dreaming

This is what we have been waiting for at the gallery - these amazing acrylic paintings from Heather Blacklock (or Yorga Art) - this style of painting looks deceptively simple - in many of Heather's paintings, she uses a droplet shape to build up a pointillist picture, usually of an animal painted in white on a single-coloured background - either black or red.  The tail of the droplet gives her work an unusual sense of movement - a 3D effect and people just want to touch it!  more of Heathers work can be found on our  website

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ta' Daaa

Janice Quinn ~ our lampwork beading artist just delivered this beautiful new collection of beads to the gallery.  After spending time in Europe recently, I'm sure Janice has come back to Australia inspired to create these exquisite beads.  Each bead is individually made from rods of venetian glass which are melted onto mandrels and then baked in a kiln - no two are the same, they are truly little works of art.  Janice will custom make her beads to your requirements providing she has the artistic licence to complete!  we also have many bracelets and earrings to match.