Friday, July 30, 2010

Coffee Pot Wind Chimes

These great little "objects de art" are wind chimes made of old cutlery, and salvaged teapots that have been customised with limbs made of spoons and scrap metal.  I have just placed one of them outside the door of the gallery and it is tinkling away in the bayside breeze (but not to noisy - just nice) - fantastic talking point!  no two are the same and some of the cutlery is gorgeous!


Dream House Trish said...

I have just dropped by from The Laurel Hedge & I have fallen in love with your blog, these wind chimes would be a wonderful talking point for any home... I am bamboozled when it comes to ar, I love the idea of having some nice pieces one day but never know where to start, your blog will be a great source of inspiration & eduction for me.
Have alovely weekend!!!

jeane kenneth said...

I agree with you trish. Love this idea! Simple & creative! and the chimes is so adorable,! Maybe you can try to look at some of great too!
Wind spinners for your garden