Saturday, July 10, 2010

Contemporary Aboriginal Art

Emu Feathers (acrylic)

Emu Feathers (detail - close up)

Yuran Dreaming
(blue tongue lizard)

close up of Yuran Dreaming

This is what we have been waiting for at the gallery - these amazing acrylic paintings from Heather Blacklock (or Yorga Art) - this style of painting looks deceptively simple - in many of Heather's paintings, she uses a droplet shape to build up a pointillist picture, usually of an animal painted in white on a single-coloured background - either black or red.  The tail of the droplet gives her work an unusual sense of movement - a 3D effect and people just want to touch it!  more of Heathers work can be found on our  website

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Viera said...

Amazing work.